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Why Hardin?

If variety is the spice of life than consider the projects at Hardin to be a buffet of fine curries. Our clients range from local Madison startups to international Fortune 500 companies, which makes for a wide array of diverse projects. Depending on the scale and scope, front-end and back-end developers may work independently or in teams to bring to life a fluid, user-friendly interface complete with striking and contemporary aesthetics across many potential platforms. Developers are matched with projects based on the strengths of their skill set and needs of the client, with whom there is direct communication on an almost daily basis to ensure quick and clear updates or adjustments. The opportunity to utilize exciting new technologies is also frequent and has included augmented reality libraries, frameworks, and integration with wearables.

You’d be hard pressed to find another group of people as talented as they are entertaining! Even with just under 20 employees, the ambit of expertise is rich, as each person brings something different to the development table. In addition to this wealth of knowledge comes a very positive attitude and eager willingness to help each other out in problem solving or heavy load situations. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a little friendly competition when it comes to the epic chess battles or March Madness bracket, but often times you can find many of us meeting up for adventures around town long after the work day is over. Our team exemplifies the balance of fun and professionalism, and working among friends is just the icing on the cake.

The first thing people notice when they come to Hardin is our stunning floor to ceiling view of Lake Mendota located right next to beautiful James Madison Park. It’s perfect for a pick-up game of volleyball or Frisbee, or just to take a walk and break up the day. Our open office layout is ideal for communication between developers or getting a clear shot during the occasional Nerf gun showdown. Dreaming of being a pool shark? FIFA champion? Working on perfecting your free throw swoosh? Our game room has it all and is the best way to socialize and blow off a little steam. Brew connoisseurs will appreciate (almost as much as we do) the office keg, chosen by either majority vote or the winner of the much coveted annual March Madness bracket, but enjoyed nonetheless by all during beer o’clock. Besides the after work hang time, company gatherings such as Badger games, bonfires, and lunch outings throughout the year are common. What’s not to love?

Located in the heart of Wisconsin


We’re always looking to add excellent developers, designers, and account managers to our growing team. Whether you’re a veteran of the industry, just out of college, or still in college, there may be a place for you on our team if you’re passionate about software.

Web Applications Developer

This position is for a web developer at Hardin Design & Development. Responsibilities include web application design and development, daily interaction with clients, and application architecture design and implementation.

The ability to run and maintain a LAMP environment and develop websites using HTML 5. Working knowledge of CSS3, PHP, MySQL, Javascript/jQuery, and bootstrap or other front end frameworks. Advanced knowledge of Apache and other server technology, alternative database languages, and additional Javascript libraries are a plus.