iWebcomix: A Hardin DD Original

We’ve just released our first original app, iWebcomix! iWebcomix is an easy to use reader that lets you choose your favorite web comics, browse issues, and read them much more easily than using a web browser. It also notifies you when new issues are available, and is a great way to discover new comics. iWebcomix currently maintains listings for the following popular comics:

Abstruse Goose, Basic Instructions, Buttersafe, Cyanide And Happiness, Girl Genius Online, Left Handed Toons, Maybe Next Wednesday, Milk for Dead Hamsters, Natalie Dee, Nerf This, Penny Arcade, Pie Comics, PVP Online, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Short Attention Span, Spud Comics, The Adam Comic, The Oatmeal, The Perry Bible Fellowship, XKCD

More are being added every week!


































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