NASA’s Space Creations Have a Place on Earth

Often, technology innovations are credited to Microsoft or Apple. However, NASA is beginning to create products and inventions with the goal of improving Earth’s sustainability. With the idea of providing “daily needs for challenging conditions,” NASA is researching for future missions to Mars. However, these innovations can become beneficial to us on Earth.

Remember in “The Martian” when Matt Damon grew enough food to sustain himself for days upon days? A clever concept that is now seeing fruition aboard the International Space Station.  through the use of red and blue colored LEDs, photosynthesis can occur in space– regardless the lightyears away from the sun. Most importantly, the reuse of water in the ISS can be important for creating more efficient farming on earth. Moreover, keeping this water clean and drinkable is incredibly important for villages in rural cities where clean water isn’t accessible. 

To continue the recyclable trend, NASA scientists based in California are looking for a way to clean up the issue of litter, so to speak. The goal is creation of a compactor which melts down recyclable materials and pushes out eight inch tiles. NASA states that “these could potentially be used to strengthen radiation shielding on a spacecraft.”

Perhaps NASA’s inventions will create a world less interested in the latest phone, and more excited to experience the newest sustainable product.

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