Uber Continues to Light Up Your Life

We’ve all had that moment—waiting for the Uber driver, receiving the notification that he or she is here, then frantically creeping in each parked car’s window to figure out who’s taking you grocery shopping. According to C-Net, the company is currently testing a new feature out on users in Seattle. This feature will allow for color-coding to connect passengers with their drivers. Currently being labeled as the “spot device,” drivers have begun placing these LED lights on their windshield. Then, passengers can choose from yellow, orange, green, blue, pink or purple to correspond with their driver’s windshield spot device. 20151203-uber-spot-colored-led-lightWorried the light will be invisible in snowy or rainy conditions? No worries, the San Fransisco-based company has a solution for that; passenger’s phone screen will light up with the chosen color so the driver can spot their signal. Although there is no official publication date for this new feature, Uber is determined to, “safely… expand its service” with this helpful change to the app.

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