Weekly Roundup – May 25

Facebook has its eyes set on the mobile horizon

It is a well known fact that the Facebook app / mobile experience is lacking. This image sums up the majority of my experience with Facebook’s mobile app. I know I’m not the only one. Facebook has been rumored to be working on their own smartphone and even if this is not true I think they should be. Imagine if the Facebook Mobile experience could be as seamless as the desktop experience. That is why it is a big deal when rumors of an Opera acquisition start going around. While Opera isn’t the most popular browser it does boast an extremely impressive mobile market with over 168 million (mobile) users in March alone. Whether or not this deal will transpire is beside the point that Facebook needs to improve their mobile experience. It doesn’t do much good to wait ~20 seconds for a news feed that I want to check for ~10 seconds while on the go. The full story is available here Facebook officially declined to comment.

Siri-ous problems

IBM bans Siri from Employee phones

It was released this week that all the data you have ever spoke to Siri, incidentally, has been recorded by Apple. Full Story

Siri changes answer to the “Best Phone Ever” question

Apple may have noticed, from all their data tracking, that the question “What is the best smartphone?” was being asked by many users. Prior to this week Siri did as it should, answered honestly from a search of customer feedback. While I personally wouldn’t agree that the Nokia – Lumia 900 is “The Best Smartphone” at least it provided an honest answer. This is what you will see now if you ask Siri what the “Best Smartphone” is. This answers seems a bit more subjective… Siri was also updated to include a sarcastic response “You’re kidding, right?”

Gamerchanger of the Week

The Moai, Easter Island giant head statues, have … wait for it… buried bodies!! Pictures of an Excavation

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